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Shaun Aughterlony

Shaun Aughterlony,

About Outlook Landscaping

"Please allow me to introduce myself and my company - I will be your point of contact before, during and after your project.


Established over 10 years ago, Outlook Landscaping is based in Warwickshire and operates in the Midlands and surrounding areas.

Every project is based on the individual’s needs and wants, so every design is different - you will not be "encouraged" to conform to a garden formula or to follow the latest TV fashion trends; I would like your landscape to be an enduring place of pleasure, not a fleeting style statement.

White House Pool Project
Large Fishing Pool Project

My policy always has been to use natural materials rather than concrete and plastic; natural materials mature gracefully and with proper craftsmanship will be as durable - or more so - as their modern substitutes.

At every stage of the project, I’ll keep you informed of the work schedule as well as arrival and departure times.

All our work will be carried out with the minimum inconvenience to you and to your neighbours - blaring radios are forbidden!

And if you want to modify the plans during the project, please let me know in good time to keep the schedule and costs in control."